Hi John, Hope you’re well. I really appreciate The Fraudulent Gurus, Infinite Sustain. Great ambiance, atmosphere and music. Very nice. Hope to hear you soon. Best wishes. Eric from Valenciennes, France


Hi John,
I really enjoy listening to your ever expanding list of tracks for The Pinch which I supported on We Fund but sadly didn’t raise enough. My favourites are Gloria Weeps, Knock the lady out of bed, Albion Street and Little Ricky T. Is there any chance that these tracks will be released on CD at some point ?
Do you have any gigs planned for the London or Essex areas ? I am a member of a small CIU affiliated social club based in Corringham Essex about 1.5 miles from the A13 between Basildon and Tilbury would you be interested in playing there at some point ? If you would be could you tell me roughly how much your fees to appear would be as Id love to approach the committee with a view to them making a booking. I really like your recent CD Sly guitar, I’m no musician but I like a diverse range of music. Kind Regards John


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