We are now making available MP3 downloads of all 5 CDs in the Gallery Music Series. We also have a small number of physical CD sets. 

To buy CD sets click here.

These are albums of electronic music written and recorded by John Ellis for 5 European Art exhibitions. Their original purpose was to enhance the viewing experience of gallery visitors. Although track titles are sometimes derived from titles of the works on display, the music is not intended to be an ‘illustration’ of individual pieces.

If you would like to license any of the music you find on this site for film,TV, computer games etc, please contact us here.


In Rhodt

In Rhodt.

Das Geheimnis Des Golem.

Das Geheimnis Des Golem.

Destination Everywhere

Destination Everywhere.

Our Internal Monologue.

Our Internal Monologue.

Shock of Contact.

Shock of Contact.

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