February 20, 2013

SLY GUITAR has arrived.

Sly Guitar, the new John Ellis CD is now available in the shop. It will have an official release in May 2013 through Gonzo Multimedia distribution but pre-release copies are available from this site.


Sly Guitar is a very good album.Although fully instrumental,it has a variety of moods and textures created by a blend of interesting loops and effects which remind me of Fripp,Brook,Eno,Byrne,Sylvian,even Kraftwerk to name a few.That is not to say this is unoriginal at all,it bears John Ellis’ unique range of guitar styles accompanied by excellent rhythms and there is a lot of diversity here in an ambient setting.
I think if you like “My life in the bush of ghosts”(Eno/Byrne) or “Cobalt Blue”(Michael Brook) you will like this.


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