August 28, 2017

A Gift Of Serenity

A Gift Of Serenity is a novel by John Ellis.

‘A Gift Of Serenity’ follows the ‘long march’ of Charles Walker, a very unpleasant human being. He has left London as a result of a visit from The Blitzers and a need to find some kind of personal epiphany. He is drawn to an unknown destination in the West of England, not knowing who or what he will find when or if he gets there.

Over thirteen chapters we follow the pale man from London to Cornwall across an ancient, sacred landscape set in the year 2020. On his way, he encounters bizarre characters and experiences events that come from a mysterious and darker England hidden from the view of city dwellers, a place of folk memory and local legends. On your own journey as a reader, you will meet the giant Jargo Darrowman , Magda and her blind brother Jess, the female vicar Ophelia, Stella Phoebe Moon, the barmaid of The Crafty Crow and many others.

In this debut novel, John Ellis has drawn from personal experience and his own interests in the sacred landscape of England to craft a story that combines mystery, suspense, surrealism and magical reality. He says the story grew out of the lyrics of a song he wrote and still performs regularly called Albion Street.


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