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March 3, 2017

A Gift Of Serenity. A novel by John Ellis

John Ellis has written a novel!  A Gift Of Serenity is now available on Kindle. You don’t need a Kindle to read it as you can download Kindle apps for phones. tablets and computers. If you like books by Joseph Campbell, Peter Ackroyd, Dan Brown, Charles Fort, J.K.Rowling, Mervyn Peake, Tolkien et al you might like his little go at writing an extended story.
If you liked the FB ghost story he did a few years ago, you will probably like this.
If you like stories that drop hints and clues, you’ll probably like this.
So if you do read it and find any major errors please let him know. For example, if you are a farmer in Devon or Cornwall tell him if he’s got it wrong about harvest times. If he does change the book as a result he will send you a copy of Sly Guitar as a thank you. And as you can see, the journey continues in the next book. And if you do like it, please tell your friends.

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